What We Teach


We believe that the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments are the objective and true Word of God. The Holy Spirit used the writing styles and personalities of men to ensure that what they wrote was fully what God intended and without error in the manuscripts. God has preserved his Word throughout history and it is therefore fully true and trustworthy today. It is profitable for teaching, rebuke, doctrine, and training in righteousness. It is the means by which Christ rules his church in this present age and is therefore the ultimate authority for the corporate church and individual believer. Scripture is not open to individual interpretation but rather must be understood through a literal, grammatical, historical approach to understanding its content.


We believe in one personal, transcendent yet immanent, all-powerful God who is the creator and sustainer of all things. He rules sovereignly over all of creation. He has eternally existed as a Trinity of three persons, the Father, the Spirit, and the Son, yet is only one God. The 3 members of the Trinity are equal in attributes, power, and glory while having distinct roles in relationship with one another. God is absolutely separate from all sin and evil, and is worthy of our worship, adoration, and obedience.

  • The Father- We believe the Father is the sovereign ruler, creator, and sustainer of all things through his Son, Jesus Christ. As sovereign ruler he works all things to the council of his will. He is omniscient, knowing all things past, present, and future. Everything he does is in accordance with his sovereign will and holy character. The title Father refers not only to his role within the Trinity but also refers to his relationship to all who come to him by grace through faith in his Son, Jesus Christ.
  • The Son- The Son, Jesus Christ, is the second member of the Trinity. He is equal in quality, power, attributes, and perfection with the Father. At the perfect timing he was sent by the Father to become an actual human, born of a virgin, thus become truly man while remaining truly God. He lived a perfect and sinless life in obedience to the law and will of the Father. His death on a cross provided a substitutionary atonement for the elect of God and his resurrection vindicates his death as an acceptable sacrifice to God. He is the only acceptable mediator between God and men and sovereignly rules his church, through his Word, from the right hand of the Father. He will return personally and bodily to reign on earth for 1000 years, after which he will judge the living and the dead.
  • The Holy Spirit- We believe in the Holy Spirit, one in essence, attributes, and power with the Father and the Son. He was sent by the Father to convict the world concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment. The role of the Spirit is to glorify Jesus Christ and to apply the work of redemption that was planned by the Father and purchased by Christ. The Holy Spirit regenerates the elect, removing hearts that are opposed to God and making them able to delight in God. He places every believer into the family of God and seals them thereby guaranteeing their inheritance in heaven until they go to be with God. The Spirit indwells all believers and conforms them gradually into the image of Christ. He empowers believers for godly living and service to God and his church. The presence of the Spirit is evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit in the life of the believer and faith that endures to the end of ones earthly life.


We believe that God created mankind, male and female, in his own image to glorify and enjoy him forever. Sin entered the world through the disobedience of Adam and has spread to all mankind as a result. Every person, except Christ, has been born with a sin nature and has chosen willfully to sin against God. The due penalty for sin is physical and spiritual death, leaving all of mankind separated from God. God has instituted the covenant of marriage, between one man and one woman, as the foundation of society for the procreation of mankind and the spread of the gospel. The gift of marriage is designed to reflect the nature and roles of the triune God.


We believe that people can be forgiven of their sin by the free gift of salvation offered by God through Jesus Christ. This salvation is a gift of grace, to all who believe, purchased by Christ at the cross. Salvation cannot be earned by any merit, work, or ordinance of the church. Salvation can only be appropriated by faith in the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on the cross, which includes willful surrender to the Lordship of Christ. No sinful person seeks after God except by the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit and all whom the Spirit regenerates will come to Christ for salvation. All who repent of their sin and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are forgiven of their sins, having been justified before God by the imputation of the righteousness of Christ, applied by the Spirit. All believers have equal access to God the Father through the one mediator Jesus Christ and have been given the ministry of calling the whole world to be reconciled to God. This salvation will ultimately result in glorification where believers will spend eternity with God in perfect joy.

The Church

We believe that the Church is made up of all who have been genuinely saved by grace through faith since the day of Pentecost following Jesus' resurrection and ascension. The church is the body of Christ, comprised of individual believers who make up the different parts of the body, with Christ as its head. This body is expressed in individual local assemblies, accountable to one another, who gather for the purposes of worship, fellowship, growth, and accountability. The church is to practice two ordinances given by God, baptism and the Lord's supper. Baptism is intended to be performed once, by immersion, after a person has believed in Christ for the redemption of his/her soul. The Lord's supper is to be observed regularly by the church as a reminder and proclamation of the substitutionary death and vicarious atonement of our savior, Jesus Christ. The church is to be lead by, and submitted to, qualified men who are called to the office of elder/pastor.

Last Things

We believe in the literal bodily return of Jesus Christ to establish his millennial kingdom on earth. No one knows the day nor the hour at which this will happen, but all believers are called to watch with anticipation for the immanent return of Christ. We believe that Christ will rapture his church to remove them from the world, that there will be a literal 7 year tribulation on earth, and that Jesus will ultimately judge the living and the dead. We believe that those who die having received grace through faith will enter immediately into the presence and reward of God. Those who die with Christ will immediately enter into his presence, while those who die not having trusted Christ for their salvation will immediately enter into punishment. We believe that God will resurrect the bodies of all people, first believers to an eternity in paradise with God, then unbelievers to eternal damnation. The church is therefore called to urgently take the gospel message to the whole world, calling all people to repent and believe for the forgiveness of sin.