"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." Most of us who have spent time in church have heard this verse from Proverbs 27:17, but there is certainly a point to be made here. Men, we were never meant to go through life alone. God has designed both the home and his church to be led by men; men who serve their families and the church. Men who lead not by domineering, but by nurturing and serving. Athena Baptist Church has two different types of ministries for men, connecting and teaching ministries.


We have two groups that focus on building relationships. There is no agenda in these meetings, it is a time for the guys to get together and enjoy some time with one another. There is a Coffee group that meets at 6:00am on Wednesday mornings. Men of all ages come to this group. Come have a cup of coffee and see where the conversation goes. There is a breakfast group that meets at the Long Branch in Weston on Friday mornings, also at 6:00am. The men's breakfast is attended primarily by older men. Anyone is welcome at either group; try them out and feel free to pick the group that suits you the best.


Scripture is clear that those who would lead the church are to be well taught regarding the Word of God. To this end we have our Sunday morning men's study. We read an agreed upon section of a systematic theology and then come ready to discuss. This group meets on Sunday mornings from 6:30am until 8, and of course, we will have coffee ready for you. If you aspire to be in leadership at Athena Baptist Church someday, this group is one you should attend.