Prayer is both a great responsibility of the church and a great joy for the church. Hebrews 4:16 tells us that because of Jesus we can come bodly before God's throne to find mercy and grace in our need. Those who have faith in Jesus Christ have access to God the Father through him. Prayer is where we can come to God and share with him all that is on our hearts and minds. Of course God already knows all that is on our hearts and minds, but he desires to be in relationship with us and we should desire to speak with him as well.

Need Prayer?

Use the contact form on this page to email us your requests, please include contact information so that we can follow up on any requests.

Join Us for Prayer!

Athena Baptist has two times for corporate prayer. Tuesday nights from 7-7:30 is our primary corporate prayer time. Join us for a time of guided prayer, afterwards people often hang out and talk. It's a great time to grow towards God and one another.

Thursday mornings from 7-7:30 is healing prayer. This ministry started years ago when a faithful member of the church was battling cancer. It continues today and we pray for anyone who is struggling with physical ailments and sickness.